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Train180’s ORT (Obstacle Race Training) mission statement:

– Our experience: Trainer Bobby Bonia and I have completed over 30 Obstacle races. These races have ranged from 3 miles to 18 miles. 30 minutes to 8 hrs. Each year we add to those distances. It’s addicting, challenging, and real exciting to strive to get better and go farther. It also gives you more of a meaningful purpose to your workouts. They’ll become more than workouts…more like “training.”

– Our intentions are not to compete against or copy any of the top tier obstacle races out there. We love and support these races and they very much have a good thing going on so let’s hope they continue to innovate and grow. “Our” mission is training. We want to train and prepare you for the races we feel are legit.

– Preparation. You’re signed up for an obstacle race. Fun! Now what? The truth is obstacle races are challenging. If you’re not ready it could end up becoming a day of suffering. Not fun. Train the right way and you’ll know what to expect. This entails getting you out of your routine and comfort zone, mirroring race day obstacles, and training: OUTSIDE! If that happens it will guarantee a good experience and I assure you that you’ll sign up for another.

– Forging the hybrid athlete. Another big reason why we’re so sold on OCR’s is that we believe the training involved, as well as the races themselves, help to mold you into a well rounded athlete. Cardio endurance, full body strength, agility, core strength, and grit! All areas, all encompassing.

Hope this inspires you to come back as well as recruit your friends. More the better. Till then!

Yours in health,

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